Workplace Health and Safety Policy

WSQ Safety Manual V5.0

In publishing this Policy, the Management Committee of the Woodturners Society of Queensland Inc does so in recognition of the Society’s obligations under Government legislation, Australian Standards, etc  in respect of workshop activities conducted on the Society’s premises. In particular, the Society references and is guided by the Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations 2011.

The Society’s Workplace Health and Safety Policy is underpinned by the following principles:

  • A culture of safety is promoted throughout the Society based on members’ acceptance of individual responsibility for their personal safety in the first instance and compliance with the WH&S Policy. This is supported by way of the Committee issuing safety instructions, publishing safety related information in the Newsletter , WSQ Safety Manual and promulgation of a Workshop Code of Conduct.
  • The Committee takes all due and reasonable care to provide a safe working environment for members. Visitors are required to observe all safety directions/ requirements whilst on the premises.
  • Safe working practices within the workshop area are supported by way of active supervision, together with ready access to experienced and / or professional tuition.
  • The Management Committee formulates, promulgates, implements, maintains and reviews Workplace Health and Safety Procedures as  necessary to ensure the safety of members and visitors involved in Society workshop operations and  associated  activities, principally via the WSQ Safety Manual.
  • A wide variety of Society owned tools, machinery and equipment are provided for members’ use that are safe to use and which are maintained in good working condition.
  • The chance of injury to members and visitors is minimized as much as possible by the operation of a Risk Management Program based on the Qld Government’s Safety Risk Management Advisory Standard 2000. In the event of an injury occurring, however, Convenors / Assistant Convenors or other trained personnel are available to provide basic first aid assistance.
  • Potential workplace hazards as well as actual Incidents and / or “ Near Misses are promptly reported to a Convenor or Assistant Convenor .and duly logged in the Society’s Incident Register for review by the Committee.
  • Exposure to air borne particles within the workshop environment is reduced as much as possible through maximizing available inter – room cross ventilation, the operation of mobile air filters, Micronair dust extraction system, ceiling extraction fan and machine operators being required to wear dust masks.
  • The Committee undertakes to promote improved performance through continuous and effective safety management and to review and update this Workplace Health and Safety Policy every twelve (12) months or more frequently if required.

Reviewed and re-affirmed by the Committee this 9th day of March 2019.

Brian Creese

WSQ President

Chainsaw operation

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