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  1. Competition Date: Monday 14th June (Judging Day).


  1. Only financial members of WSQ are eligible to enter the Competition
  2. Entry forms are to be received no later than Tuesday 1st
  3. Entries will be placed in the Level recorded for each member in the WSQ Membership Database.
  4. A maximum of three (3) items may be entered in each category.
  5. Competition pieces are to be delivered to WSQ Hall by noon (12.00pm) Friday 11th
  6. Competition pieces must have been completed in the period 12 months prior to the Competition Date.


    1. Level 1 – Top level (more experienced turners promoted from Level 2).
    2. Level 2 – Intermediate level with members promoted from Level 3.
    3. Level 3 – Beginners or less experienced turners.

Members who believe they should compete at a level other than that applying to them (Levels 1, 2 or 3), should contact the Competition Convenor.  Members can check their competition level by contacting the WSQ Membership Secretary.


  1. Each entry (other than entries to Category P), will be judged by two judges, with each of them awarding a maximum of 100 points for each of four judging criteria: Design,  Turning Skill,  Degree of Difficulty and,  Finish. Maximum points score for each item is 800 points.
  2. Judges will also be asked to provide comments against each of the judging criteria.
  3. The judges will be unaware of the entrant’s name or experience or competition level.
  4. Judges’ comments for each entry and point scores will be provided to competitors.
  5. Category O entries will be assessed on: Skill (Quality of workmanship, Surface preparation and finish,  Degree of difficulty of construction) and  Characteristics (Attractive and well proportioned,  Suitability of purpose and,  Selection of materials).
  6. Category P entries will be judged by one judge only. Entries will be assessed on: Composition / Design,  Originality and Creativity,  Quality of Execution and,  


    1. Awards will be recognized by the presentation of certificates.
    2. First place will be awarded in all categories and for all levels for which there are entries.
    3. Second place will be awarded in all categories and for all levels for which there are at least two entries.
    4. Highly commended certificates will be awarded to those entries that are within 10% of the score of first prize in the category and level, provided that the percentage total for that item exceeds: 70% for Level 3,  75% for Level 2, or,  80% for Level 1.
  1. Promotion:
    1. Advancement from one level to the next requires two first prizes in different categories at the current level, subject to the conditions in paragraph b below. This may be in the current competition or over the current competition and the WSQ competitions over the previous three (3) years.
    2. For first place prizes to be considered for promotion the percentage total for the item must exceed: 70% for promotion to Level 2 or,  75% for promotion to Level 1.

 Conditions of Entry:

The Society reserves the right to photograph any, or all, of the competition entries for the purpose of preserving a record, to publish in any media publication, to exhibit on the Society’s internet web page and/or make prints available for sale with WSQ management approval.

The final decisions on any matters relating to the Competition rest with the Competition Convenor.


Entry forms must be received by the WSQ Librarian, Alwyn Clark by Tuesday 1st June 2021.

Enquiries to Richard Cooper or a member of the Competition Sub-Committee.   Richard Cooper can be contacted on 38781097 or 0403 301 499 or by email at:  cooper.errogie@bigpond.com.au.

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