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Categories Items in all categories shall be predominantly made from wood, except for Category H.

A Turned Bowl – Large (greater than 200mm maximum diameter).  Opening must be greater than 50% of maximum diameter and overall height must be less than maximum diameter.

 B Turned Bowl – Small (maximum diameter less than 200mm).  Opening must be greater than 50% of maximum diameter and overall height must be less than maximum diameter.

C Turned Platter or Plate. Height must not be more than 15% of the maximum diameter.

D Vase or Hollowed Form. Vase – height must be more than the maximum diameter.  Hollowed Form -must have an opening which is less than 20% of the maximum diameter.

E Spindle Turning. Eligible items include: finials, balustrades (an example of), table lamp stand, lamp stand, legs for a table or chair (an example of), bedpost (an example of).

F Lidded Container (Turned). Any size. Lid may be free, threaded or hinged.  Hinges and threads of other materials are allowed.

G Laminated or Segmented Forms (Turned). Solid or Lattice Forms.

H Pens & Pencils. Pens or Pencils that are substantially turned from either wood or acrylic material.  Pens or pencils may have features made of wood, non-ferrous metals, acrylic or another material that is turned in the process of producing the pen or pencil.  The pen or pencil must be capable of producing writing.

Identical Pairs or Matching Sets (Turned). Examples include pair of goblets, collection of eggs or fruit, set of coasters, pen & pencil sets, salt & pepper grinders/shakers, etc.

J Article Incorporating Other Work or Materials (Turned). Includes additional work to enhance the basic turned article, including carving, pyrography, colouring, routing, piercing, scroll sawing, etc.  Articles with Other Materials may incorporate metal, leather, plastic, etc.

K Pyrography. Any item where pyrographic design is the predominant feature.  May include pictures on flat surfaces or decorated woodturned items.

 L Non-Woodturned Items. Includes toys, models, non-turned boxes and carved items.  May also include picture frames, small items of furniture (no dimension to exceed 500 mm), chopping boards, trays, clocks etc.  May include woodturning as a minor technique. Items must be substantially made of wood with any mechanical component made of metal, ceramic, etc.

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